Bozburun Peninsula | Turkey

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Beyond Marmaris is the Gulf of Gökova, and at the end of this Gulf is the Turkish resort of Akyaka, which has the very distinctive Ula architecture and is a great day out from Orhaniye. Akyaka is an ancient town, originally being a Carian town called Idyma – dating back to 330 BC. You can easily see evidence of Akyaka's ancient past in the form of rock tombs, cisterns and walls on the outskirts of the town.

Today it is famous for its Ula architecture – an ornate style in wood unique to the local Mugla province. If you look at Villa Nurtan or Villa Anni’s roof lines you will see this Ula design as Nurtan Onur, our Architect, comes from this area. Akyaka has a long sandy beach, with a park at the end of the beach, ideal for resting in its shade during the long hot summer days. The popular fish restaurants on the bank of the crystal-clear " Kad?n Azmak" ('Woman river`) where freshly caught fish are perfectly prepared and served, are very well known by gourmets throughout Turkey. Along the far side of the bay, you will see kite flying is very popular with Turkey’s national championships being help in Akyaka.